1The perfect material for packing, protecting and promoting your products.


Solidboard, or solid board, is tough, it can stand-up to the harshest of conditions.  Suitable for any product where moisture is an environmental factor, especially when chilling or freezing.

When compared to corrugated packaging, the superior lifespan of solidboard is significant.  The characteristics of corrugated materials lead to a decrease in strength & integrity after 6 months in ambient conditions.  This will be accelerated when the environment is damp or cold.  Solidboard performs consistently, ensuring your product gets to your customer in the same shape it left you.

Solidboard can be treated with food-grade water-resistant barriers, allowing direct contact without the risk of sticking or the use of expensive separate liners.  It is recycled and fully 100% recyclable.

Solidboard provides a superb medium for printing, allowing you to promote your product with high-quality, offset lithographic or digital printing.  Solidboard is very runnable, making it efficient in production.  The nature of the material lends itself to be flexible for design and compliant in production.  Intelligent design features can be supported.  For example: the corners of the box can be glued and folded with a high level of precision and accuracy in such a manner that we can produce leakproof versions of standard boxes.  Ideal for when you don’t want to contaminate the outside of the box with the contents of the inside. 

Our boxes are supplied pre-glued & flat.  This is efficient in transport and saves you valuable space in storage, a major advantage over Polystyrene.  Solidboard does not crush when transported - we’re only ever limited by space on the pallet - giving a high number of boxes per pallet space, so you’re paying for your packaging, not the transport.  Our stock lines, depending on size and thickness, run from 1,000 to over 4,000 per pallet space. 

Solidboard is hygienic and safe.  The ubiquitous paper & cardboard recycling pathways mean you should never need to send our boxes to landfill. Use it once and recycle it.  There’s no need to involve yourself with the inefficient, expensive, time-consuming collection of returnable plastic trays.

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