Fish & Seafood Packaging

DSFSolidboard packaging is the perfect medium for packing fish.  These packs are generally pre-glued and delivered flat, greatly reducing storage space compared to polystyrene. 

Fish boxes come in standard sizes, from ½ stone to 4 stone. However, we can supply any size to suit your requirements. 

The material generally used for packaging in the fish industry is a water-resistant board with both sides coated in polyethylene.  For certain products, such as Mackerel, other types of board can be used.  Printing fish and seafood boxes is a very effective and affordable process.  The material lends itself to a high quality finish. 

For some users pre-erected boxes are required.  We can supply these by installing a machine erect system in your premises to produce erected boxes from flat die-cut sheets of solidboard. 

Fish boxes come as a base & lid or a one-piece pack. They can be supplied hand erect, pre-glued or machine erect, whichever is the most suitable for your product, bearing in mind volume, logistics and end user requirements. 

Solidboard fish boxes have several advantages over polystyrene: 
•   1 Stone, ½ stone and ¼ stone boxes can be supplied in 4,000+ per pallet space. Vastly cutting down on the amount of space you need to dedicate for storage and the number of deliveries you’ll receive.  It provides savings in space, transport & handling.  
•   The cool-chain empowers the poor insulating properties of solidboard to quickly transfer the cold environment to the product and not act as a barrier; unlike polystyrene that prevents the cold getting to the product.  
•   Solidboard is thinner (approx 1mm) and not bulky like polystyrene (approx 20mm).  It takes up less room on the pallet, allowing you to stack more layers into the same height.  
•   Solidboard can be printed with far greater quality than polystyrene, promoting your brand and business with a better image.  
•  Polystyrene is difficult to recycle and often enters a closed-loop system, if not ending-up in landfill.  Solidboard fish boxes can enter the paper & cardboard recycling streams without any issue.
•   The carbon footprint and eco-cost of solidboard is significantly lower.
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To supplement our range of fish boxes we also supply gold & silver boards, used to present a variety of foods including smoked salmon.

Whatever your product and however you pack it, we are able to specify and supply the right packaging for your needs.

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