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meat-boxesThe packaging of red meat falls into two basic categories: fresh or frozen.  If the product is fresh, do you want to put it directly in the box without a liner?  Is the product vac-packed?  Is the vac-packing process wet?  What is the product?  What is the product's next stage - is it a finished item or does it go on for further processing? 

All of the above options, or a combination of these, will decide which the best type of packaging for your application is.

If the product is frozen, as with fresh product, the right packaging depends on what it is, what happens to it when it leaves your premises and what your clients want to do with it?  Do you need the corners to be leakproof?  Is it being exported and you need a strong double-wall box?

Once the box style has been decided upon, you can specify whether you want it white or brown on the inside & outside, or a combination of the two.  If you want your box printed, we are able to supply you with anything, from a simple one colour name & logo print to the best available photographic style print. 

There are standard size boxes used in the meat trade that have been established to provide efficient palletisation: The Euro box, which is in general terms 590 x 390 x 150mm; and the ½ Euro, 390 x 290 x 145mm.  However, we can supply almost any size box to suit your requirements. 

The packs can be a provided as a base & lid or a one-piece pack.  These can be supplied hand erect, pre-glued or machine erect, whichever is the most suitable for your product, bearing in mind volume, logistics and end user requirements. 

Alongside our standard boxes, we also offer a range of meatainers, palletainers & octobins.

We know solidboard, sometimes referred to as solid board, is the most effective packaging substance in the meat trade.  It out-performs corrugated, which degrades quickly in the cold & wet environments experienced in the industry and also gives crisper prints.  Both materials are fully recyclable, unlike plastic trays which present issues with hygiene, collection, storage, presentation and integrity.

Whatever your product and however you pack it, we are able to specify and supply the right packaging for your needs.

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